The future of our mobility will be pedal-powered

We want to make it possible for people to move around on a daily basis in a gas-free world

Our society was forged around the individual car. Today, it has become indispensable. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to do without, especially outside the city.

The state of our planet is becoming increasingly worrying. Climate change and the destruction of life are becoming increasingly visible. The impact of global warming is increasingly affecting our daily lives. Our use of transport – and the car in particular – is a major cause of this ongoing crisis.

"There can be no credible development without taking these issues into account"

Offer the alternative

In suburban and rural areas today, basic services are widely dispersed. Residential sprawl and the dispersal of services and jobs make it difficult to build efficient public transport networks. Against this backdrop, we want to offer a credible alternative to the private car where existing alternatives are unsatisfactory in terms of their environmental impact.

We want to offer a future-proof individual vehicle: reliable and available, whatever the future we’re heading for. Lighter everyday mobility with just the right amount of comfort, as close as possible to the real needs of everyday life.

We offer a lightweight pedal-powered vehicle that provides users with everything they need for everyday practicality, even in wet weather.

Our commitments


Making active mobility accessible to all,

beyond the city

Developing an individual mobility vehicle 

that fits into today’s society

Work towards an ecosystem conducive to 

developing active mobility (regulations, infrastructure, support, living together)

Supporting actors in the transition

to soft mobility

VeMoo wants to enable everyone to get involved in helping to protect the environment, through mobility


Together, let's MooVe the Future