Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the main questions raised by the VeMoo project, arranged by category.

The Vehicle

Much lighter than a car, more practical and more protective than a cargo bike, the VeMoo is not just another intermediate vehicle, as it is designed for use in suburban and rural areas.

It’s a strong design choice. Experience shows that it’s not such a good idea.

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Depending on the modules chosen, VeMoo can also carry 1 child or 100 litres of luggage. VeMoo is not designed to carry a second adult.

For more information, see the article “Why a single adult ?

Thanks to open architecture, access is particularly easy, even for less agile people.

VeMoo is designed for people between 1.60 m and 2 m tall and weighing less than 120 kg. Adjustment to the driver’s height is quick and easy.


Just like on a bike, the maximum speed depends mainly on your leg strength, the gradient and the wind. VeMoo is less sensitive to wind than conventional bikes because it is aerodynamic.

Thanks to its innovative architecture and aerodynamic casing, VeMoo is designed to allow you to ride faster than 25 km/h (the speed at which the electric assistance switches off).

For more information, see the following article “Muscular drive only, or electric assistance ?”

The bodywork protects you at all times. In the event of rain, an apron and roof can be deployed.

VeMoo is an open vehicle, more like a bicycle than a car.

In hot weather, VeMoo has natural air conditioning: the open design provides excellent ventilation.

In cold weather or rain, an apron and roof can be deployed.

Depending on the weather, it’s always a good idea to adapt your outfit.

The VeMoo is similar in size to a scooter or cargo bike, and can be parked in a similar way.

Like a bicycle, you can park your VeMoo anywhere, as long as it doesn’t obstruct other road or street users.

The VeMoo is fitted as standard with a luggage rack that accepts most commercially available child seats.

A longtail module at the rear with a seat and reinforcement and a child module for the front are under study.

VeMoo also offers rain covers.


It depends on your country. In Europe, VeMoo is considered as an EPAC Bicycle: electronically power assisted cycle.

As such, VeMoo is authorised to use the same areas as bicycles. It can be ridden on roads and cycle paths.

VeMoo is designed to be classified as a bicycle. As a result:

  • There is no need to register the vehicle,
    You don’t need a driving licence,
  • Insurance is not compulsory,

Yet, we’re not experts, so make sure to comply to your local regulations 🙂

There is no minimum age, but you must be at least 1.60m tall.


VeMoo is always equipped with powerful lighting, well above the legal minimum. VeMoo has 2 headlights and rear position lights: a central one at the rear of the luggage rack and 2 side lights at shoulder height.

The VeMoo is a larger vehicle than a bicycle, which makes it easier to see.

Its riding position (same seat height as a car) means that it is easily seen by other road users. Its lighting system and reflectors make it even more visible.

VeMoo locks the steering and brake with a single turn of the key. It can also be fixed to a fixed point with an anti-theft device linked to a wheel or the chassis.

You can also take advantage of the anti-theft functions built into certain electric aids.

As with cycling, helmets are not compulsory after the age of 12, in France.

Make sure to comply to your local regulation.


Although it’s designed to be moved by leg power alone, VeMoo offers a range of electric assist systems and battery capacities to suit everyone’s needs.

Autonomy depends on a number of factors: the amount of gear you’re carrying, the topography of your route, the wind, etc.

Together with you, we’ll choose the right support for your journeys so that you have the range you need. The VeMoo is designed to be energy efficient and it’s very easy to get a range of around 100 km.

Last but not least, the VeMoo with assistance can still be pedalled without assistance.

There is no need to panic. The vehicle remains fully functional, but requires a little more effort to start.

The different gear ratios allow you to get through most terrain.


We plan to start marketing in spring 2025.

If you can’t wait, become a Pioneer by joining the list 😉

(Top right yellow button “Devenir Pionnier”)

At the moment, it is not possible to pre-order your VeMoo. We will be launching pre-orders as soon as possible.

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Restez informé.e.s des dernières avancées de VeMoo

Restez informé.e.s des dernières avancées de VeMoo

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At this stage it is too early for us to give precise details of the different prices. Our aim is to offer a fair and balanced price in the interests of all concerned. To give a rough idea, the purchase price will be somewhere between a good cargo bike and a small car.

The cost of using the VeMoo is minimal compared to the cost of using a car, making it a worthwhile investment for anyone looking to save money.

We’re waiting until we have a mature vehicle before giving it a try (soon). We will let you know about the opportunity to test a VeMoo as soon as possible.

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Restez informé.e.s des dernières avancées de VeMoo

Restez informé.e.s des dernières avancées de VeMoo

2 à 4 e-mails par an pour connaître notre actualité et les dessous du projets !

In 2024, we plan to set up a real-life test campaign with pioneers. The idea is to consolidate the vehicle’s latest developments with the first users. As soon as we have more information about this operation, we will communicate in more detail.

If you are interested in becoming a VeMoo Pioneer, hit the Top right yellow button “Devenir Pionnier”

Yes, VeMoo will be customisable, but the list of components involved is not set in stone. In addition, certain plans will be made available to equipment manufacturers, DIY enthusiasts and others, to make it easier to create compatible accessories.

About VeMoo

The idea was born near Strasbourg, and bounced off near Nantes with the very first prototype. The VeMoo will be assembled in Alsace, France.

Yes, a crowdfunding and fundraising campaign is planned for 2024.

If you are interested, please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss the matter !

To support VeMoo, you can write us a message of support. (It’s always appreciated !)

To follow our adventures on a daily basis, you can follow us on the social networks. Your comments, reactions and shares will give us greater visibility !

For any other form of support, please contact us to discuss the matter.

We intend to sell our vehicle through dealers. It’s a bit early to start the process, but don’t hesitate to write to us to get in touch.


VeMoo’s environmental impact is almost negligible compared to that of the car it replaces. Because it is much lighter, VeMoo requires much less material and energy to manufacture and use.

VeMoo is also designed to be easily repairable and we encourage you to use high quality spare parts to ensure a long life for the vehicle and further reduce the impact of its use.

The main materials used to make a VeMoo are steel and aluminium. We prefer simple, everyday materials that can be repaired and recycled. We avoid aggregates and composites that are more difficult to recycle.

The design of VeMoo is such that as many components as possible can be easily repaired and recycled.