Open or closed ?

VeMoo is designed to be partially enclosed, so different levels of rain protection can be deployed if required.
“But why not close it all the way ? It would be simpler and we’d be well sheltered !

That’s true. Have you ever spent a few minutes in a stationary car, with no ventilation whatsoever, the windows closed or almost, and a bit of sunshine? Imagine being in an even smaller space, while doing  sport !

There are two problems : heat and humidity. Velomobile enthusiasts know all about this problem: even with open access and no windows, heat and perspiration quickly make themselves felt….

The windscreen is interesting for its protection and design, but it is also a source of problems: when it rains heavily or for a long time, you need a windscreen wiper, without which it becomes dangerous to ride.  If the windscreen is too curved, it reduces the effectiveness of the wipers and distorts the view, which can cause nausea. And, of course, the windscreen can mist up if the car is not properly ventilated. That’s a lot of faults for a mechanical system that’s bulky, heavy and rarely used.

VeMoo’s aim is to save energy and materials, so there is no question of installing electric ventilation, which would consume the same amount of energy as pedalling and would also require a larger battery.

When you switch to commuting, you often find that rain is less frequent and less annoying than you might have feared.

The closed architecture is also the source of a lot of noise inside, as is well known in velomobiles. There’s a resonance chamber effect ! The noise from the wheels, derailleurs and gears is amplified and echoes in the rider’s ears !

VeMoo is therefore easy to open, close and re-open depending on the weather.

This was the solution preferred by respondents in our online survey and interviews in 2021.