Why a single adult ?

VeMoo is a pedal-powered personal transport vehicle. It is designed for the most common journeys: the daily commute. Most of these journeys are made by car, with no passengers on board.

So just one adult.

“And yet it’s so practical to be able to take people with you, to pick someone up at the airport or train station with their luggage, or to take the basketball team !”

Yes, it’s practical and cars are great for that. But you have to be aware of the consequences of designing a vehicle for two adults:

The structure has to be bulkier and stronger, and therefore heavier and more expensive. And who pedals? Have you ever cycled with a teenager on the luggage rack?

If only one person is pedalling, they’ll need an oversized assistance system, or else they’ll have to push the vehicle up a steep bridge…

If two people are pedalling, it will be even bigger, heavier and more expensive, for infrequent or even exceptional use.

At VeMoo, we believe that use by two adults would be too exceptional to have to put up with all these inconveniences on a daily basis

VeMoo is designed for adults with young children and/or luggage.