VeMoo tilts, is that normal ?

You’d have to ask the question again…

Is it normal not to tilt ?

Everyone leans instinctively when they take a bend: animals, joggers, motorcyclists and cyclists.

But not our beloved cars.

We forget how our cars are designed to take a fast bend without leaning: they are low and wide.

But leaning into a bend is natural, and you realise this when you take a bend with a machine that doesn’t lean.

In cars, the seats are hollowed out to prevent the rider from sliding out of the seat when cornering, and they surround the rider so much that in motorsport they become bucket seats.

Quad or kart riders have to lean forward to compensate for their machines’ lack of inclination. Try a three-wheeled cargo bike. At 80 cm wide, the risk of tipping over is high.

There are two particularly dangerous situations :

  • At the entrance to a crossroads, when your bike leaves the road and goes onto the pavement, you must slow down sharply to avoid seeing a wheel lift off the ground.
  • In town, if you have to move off quickly to avoid a door that opens or a car that gets out blindly, the natural evasive manoeuvre risks causing the vehicle and its contents to overturn.

VeMoo is a tilting vehicle that allows you to rediscover this natural, instinctive movement.

So you can take bends with ease :

  • With greater safety: no risk of rolling over,
  • With greater comfort: no slipping on the seat,
  • With less energy: less need to brake and therefore less need to accelerate after the bend.

In short, VeMoo has a strong inclination towards natural roll.