The removable boot: gadget or essential ?

One of this summer’s new features is the removable front boot.

For some it’s a detail or a gadget, for others it’s a distinguishing feature.

With its wheels and telescopic handle, the removable boot makes it easy to go shopping, just like a suitcase. The box can be removed and fixed in two easy steps! No need to worry about whether your shopping will fit in your bike panniers.

Today the first boot is 60 litres. We consider this volume to be a good balance for a daily commute and a few days shopping for a 2-3 person household. We still think about adjusting this volume according to your feedback.

As it’s removable, this boot is interchangeable! One day with the big shopping box, one day with the smaller commuting box. We’ve got lots of new ideas for this box! Stay tuned 😉
We’re thinking about making the box’s interface and dimensions available so that other people can develop accessories for it: companies, associations or individuals.