What is a Veli, or intermediate vehicle ?​

In France, a number of players are trying to offer not one, but several credible alternatives to the private car.

In areas where

  • Journey flows are too low to allow vehicle sharing (carpooling or public transport)
  • Journeys are too long to be made on foot or by mechanical bike

“91% of French people say they would like to reduce the impact of their journeys”

In areas where an individual vehicle is essential, 9 out of 10 people say they would like to reduce the impact of their car, but 3 out of 4 find it difficult or impossible to do without a car*.

*Source : poll IPSOS for La Fabrique de la Cité, 2022

WARNING: We are convinced that cars still have their place: for example, to pick up people with their suitcases at the station or to do bulky shopping before an event. But we remain convinced that these are occasional uses and that most journeys can be made using alternative vehicles.

The alternative? Intermediate vehicles, the Véli*!

Vélis are designed for everyday use!

  • They weigh between 30 and 500 kg depending on the model.
  • Adapted to individual use
  • Less energy consumption
  • More human in every way!

“The Véli is the proper vehicle 

for everyday use”

And because there are so many different types of daily life, there is a wide range of Velis, with a sobriety adapted to the way they are used and the environment in which they are used.

Depending on the model, they can carry between 1 and 4 people.

Some Vélis are active: you pedal them to get them moving, often with electric assistance.

For further information about our choices : Muscular drive only, or electric assistance ?

Today, Vélis seem to be the most promising alternative to the car when cycling, electric scooters and public transport are no longer enough.

Since 2022, an industrial ecosystem is taking shape in France thanks to Extrême Défi (ADEME) and AVELI.

Bringing manufacturers, users and repairers closer together promises to revitalise local areas.

There is hope for a more human form of mobility. And we’re part of it. Would you like to join us?