Spezi 2024 (en)

The International spezialradmesse 2024 (Spezi for those who know) has taken place on April 27-28, 2024, in Lauchringen (a small town in southern Germany). As its name suggests, this fair is all about special bikes; special for accessibility, allowing people with various disabilities to enjoy the freedom that bikes offer. But also, and above all, special because they are not just traditional bikes as we know them.

This gives us a wide variety of vehicles; 2, 3, or 4 wheels, in upright (bicycle) or recumbent positions. Cargo bikes, longtails, or just for transporting a single person, in tandem inline or side by side; pedaling with feet or hands, enclosed or fully open, and almost all possible variations and combinations of these options.

The Spezi has two test tracks: One right in the heart of the fair, 900m long, with several pedestrian crossings secured by the organization’s staff. Located indoors, it runs alongside the booths that have spaces for the public to enter and exit while testing their vehicles. A second track is outside the fair on a 1.5 km route. It allows testing vehicles on “open” roads, under real conditions.

The 2024 edition saw around a hundred exhibitors showcasing their products. Some are complete vehicle manufacturers, others are bicycle product suppliers, or even retailers. Every year, the organization also presents an inventors’ fair with a competition for which the public votes for the most interesting innovation (link).

The fair has a strong reputation, and visitors come from far (Europe and beyond). These visitors are often cyclists and are familiar with the world of special bikes. The fair also attracts professionals, dealers, or active mobility rental companies. Everyone comes to discover the latest innovations and test them out, as evidenced by the fact that the test track is constantly busy all day to the delight of visitors.

Regarding Velis, various European manufacturers were present: Podbike, Quadvelo, VM45 Velion, Pedilio, Hopper velo cabrio, Cixi, CityQ, and VeMoo. Even though the stars of the fair remain the recumbent bike manufacturers ICE bike, Hasebike, HP Velotechnik, and AZUB, the Velis are gaining more and more prominence at the fair each year.

The VeMoo team was present for the first time this year with our second prototype, Banana. Equipped with the new version of the bodywork and electric assistance, the VeMoo once again piqued the curiosity of visitors as well as that of other exhibitors. The Spezi was an opportunity for us to showcase our vehicle and confront it with the opinions of those who visited our stand: The VeMoo is undeniably popular!

A warm welcome at all 3 shows !

We were very well received at the Expo du Vélo (Strasbourg – 67) and the Salon Trendy (Colmar – 68)! Our stand attracted a lot of attention and we met a curious, interested and encouraging public! Fun fact: we were the only non-motorised vehicle at the Trendy fair, which is dedicated to alternative mobility.

We also took part in the Salon des Véhicules Intermédiaires in Millau, and it was great! The show brought together all the players (manufacturers, intermediate vehicle manufacturers, local authorities) involved in the Extrême Défi,  organised by the ADEME, in which we’ve been participating since 2022.