Technical aspects

One of this summer’s new features is the removable front boot.

For some it’s a detail or a gadget, for others it’s a distinguishing feature.

With its wheels and telescopic handle, the removable boot makes it easy to go shopping, just like a suitcase. The box can be removed and fixed in two easy steps! No need to worry about whether your shopping will fit in your bike panniers.

In France, a number of players are trying to offer not one, but several credible alternatives to the private car.

In areas where

  • Journey flows are too low to allow vehicle sharing (carpooling or public transport)
  • Journeys are too long to be made on foot or by mechanical bike

VeMoo is a pedal-powered personal transport vehicle. It is designed for the most common journeys: the daily commute. Most of these journeys are made by car, with no passengers on board.

So just one adult.

You’d have to ask the question again…

Is it normal not to tilt ?

Everyone leans instinctively when they take a bend: animals, joggers, motorcyclists and cyclists.

But not our beloved cars.

We forget how our cars are designed to take a fast bend without leaning: they are low and wide.

VeMoo aims for sobriety: material and energy savings, simplicity and reliability.

VeMoo must always be ready for use.

Dependence on a battery and the use of a complex transmission system are weak points, and the bicycles of our ancestors are a reference point.

The ideal situation is to be able to move using only the power of your legs.

VeMoo is designed to be partially enclosed, so different levels of rain protection can be deployed if required.
“But why not close it all the way ? It would be simpler and we’d be well sheltered !